2021 Easter holiday workshops

We’ll be running workshops over the Easter holidays to promote our art activities at The Pop. To enrol, email info@thepopart.com.au or use our Enrolment form.

Cost: $60 for one workshop / $110 for two workshops / $150 for 3 workshops (similar discounts apply if you’re booking in a small group of kids ie $50 per child for a group of 3 kids or $55 per child for 2 kids – no relation necessary!) Maximum of 12 kids per workshop – so get in soon!

If you tie in our afternoon workshops with a morning session at Tinkertank or Tribo Gym, let us know and we can organise a pick up.


Friday 2nd April 10am-1pm*(Time changed) GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL $36 only

Let your child bring to vivid detail that superhero they’ve always wanted to be or have for a buddy. Together we’ll explore and experiment with the elements of comic art and have fun creating a comic strip complete with characters, speech / thought bubbles, titles, and sound effects. THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW SOLD OUT


Wednesday 7th April 1pm-5pm

Thursday 8th April 1pm-5pm

Friday 9th April 10am-2pm

Imagine, build, paint, curate – a habitat for a mystery creature from your child’s inner world. There will be plenty of construction materials here but your child is welcome to bring in a special object which would be the final touch on his/her unique habitat. This is an expansive art exercise, which can be completed in one day or over a few days. (I recommend booking in 2 days for your child to keep building on their habitat(s) and to enjoy some playtime amidst their creations.)


Monday 12th April 1pm-5pm BOOK NOW, NEARLY SOLD OUT

Tuesday 13th April 1pm-5pm THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW SOLD OUT

A playful reworking of still life painting! Let your child harness their powers of observation through drawing, painting, photography and collage. Your child will create their own still life table setting and then turn it into a work of art with their very own visual interpretation. Once we’re done we can play with everything on the still life table! 


Wednesday 14th April 1pm-5pm

Thursday 15th April 1pm-5pm

Friday 16th April 10am-2pm

Experiment with animation – mechanical and digital. Your child will explore mechanical processes and stop motion animation applications to make sculptures and puppets which walk, dance, talk, sing, swing and rock.

To enrol in our workshops, email info@thepopart.com.au or use our Enrolment form.

Follow our instagram feed @thepopartstudio as we will be posting some ideas and processes to get your child thinking in the lead up to our workshops.

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