Good Friday discount at The Pop

Roy Lichtenstein, 1966

Our 3-hour comic art workshop is getting a Good Friday special deal at $36 per child only. Drop off your kid while you have a swim or run some errands – it’s a taste of many good things to come with our afterschool art program.

We’re exploring the theme of ‘superheroes’ in our comic art workshop. Who’s your superhero? It could be your mum, dad or grandparent. There are often many unsung superheroes around us – teachers, garbage collectors, health workers, activists. These are vital members of our community and display many superhero characters – courage, resilience, empathy, fairness. If you could make up your own superhero, what would your superhero look like?

At our workshop, we’ll design your superhero’s logo and special powers. We’ll have to think of a name for your superhero (this is hard but how about Supermum?) and we’ll create a poster for your superhero’s comic with his/her/their name in 3D writing. We’ll also be drawing a comic strip where you’ll have to make up an action scene for your superhero where you can insert ‘sound effects’ like POW, WHAM, POOF into your comic. Older kids will work on learning to draw the figures of their heroes in various action poses – flying, climbing, running, and thinking (that’s an action right?!).

Comic Art / Superheroes: Friday 2nd April 10am-1pm THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW SOLD OUT