“A habitat is a place where an organism makes its home.” (National Geographic: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/habitat/)

The ultimate cubby house workshop! Both my kids have always loved (and still do, even at ages 12 and 9) dragging pillows and sheets out of their room to build a mini fort in the living room or under a dining table. In this workshop we’ll go the extra length and let your child construct themselves a mega cubby. They’ll be able to create shelters, pathways, tunnels and all manner habitat landscaping all around The Pop’s 53sqm studio.

Our art materials will mainly consist of cardboard, fallen plant matter and old sheets. So much can be achieved using discarded materials and many artists make it a point to upcycle – turning what would otherwise be considered waste into art. Our habitats also wouldn’t be finished until we paint them every colour of the rainbow.

The kids will also discuss what makes a habitat. We’ll explore ‘natural’ and urban habitats, the types of habitats we live in, non-human habitats, and the things we can do to protect the habitats in our environment. We’ll discuss some art projects (see pictures) and consider what the artist is trying to convey through their artwork.

Spatial Art / Habitats

Wednesday 7th April 1pm – 5pm

Thursday 8th April 1pm-5pm

Friday 9th April 10am-2pm

To enrol, fill out a workshops enrolment form or email info@thepopart.com.au.