Faces workshop: Monday 19th April 10am-2pm

I’ve had some requests to run a class on Pupil Free Day so… let’s make some art! The theme is faces or portraits!

We’ll be looking at Dada artist Hannah Höch, who was one of the first artists to initiate photomontage (technically she invented Photoshop). Her work was deeply autobiographical whilst layered with social critique of the Nazi regime, which she lived under, and for whom her art was considered ‘degenerate’. She’s a strong feminist figure and I’m excited to show the kids a couple of Hannah’s portraits and how we can also make a self portrait that reflects our interests and personality. We will be using clay amongst other materials to make our portraits.

Monday 19th April 10am-2pm $60 email info@thepopart.com.au or go to Enrol

Left: Portrait by Hannah Höch, 1928

Right: Regrammed @hatchartplay