Faces workshop: Monday 19th April 10am-2pm

I’ve had some requests to run a class on Pupil Free Day so… let’s make some art! The theme is faces or portraits! We’ll be looking at Dada artist Hannah Höch, who was one of the first artists to initiate photomontage (technically she invented Photoshop). Her work was deeply autobiographical whilst layered with social critiqueContinue reading “Faces workshop: Monday 19th April 10am-2pm”

2021 Easter holiday workshops

We’ll be running workshops over the Easter holidays to promote our art activities at The Pop. To enrol, email info@thepopart.com.au or use our Enrolment form. Cost: $60 for one workshop / $110 for two workshops / $150 for 3 workshops (similar discounts apply if you’re booking in a small group of kids ie $50 perContinue reading “2021 Easter holiday workshops”

An art studio for kids in Manly

The Pop is launching in Term 2, 2021. A dedicated art studio for children is coming to Manly. The Pop is a space for your child to get imaginative and messy as they explore fun and accessible art techniques. Each week, we will learn about a new artist and the concepts and techniques that haveContinue reading “An art studio for kids in Manly”